5 Ways to Grow Your MTG Binder Exponentially

Getting the cards that we want is always a constant problem for magic players around the world.  Something I heard a lot of when I was playing legacy was “Man, if I had his cards I could play as good as he does.” I even found myself saying those exact words on more than one occasion. We are in a card game that, thank god, is always changing. New decks, new formats, new information, new brews, new everything, so how do we keep up with the demand for our wallet?

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We simply don’t have the means to acquire every card that we want to, or do we? The biggest reason why people play standard is that it is relatively inexpensive. What people don’t realize is it’s relatively inexpensive four times a year. We budget to keep up with the demand that wizards keeps on our wallet when we have everything that we need in our binder. The problem is how do we manage our binder and wallet to keep up with current meta-game changes?

  1. Quit grabbing cards on the way out. If you want to have the deck of your dreams, don’t complete it three months before half of it rotates out. Aristocrats was a ton of fun to play for a while, just not to start playing two months before rotation hits. Wouldn’t it be alot more fun to play your deck for a year? June will not be the time to start picking up Sphinx’s Revelation no matter how good U/W is doing. Look ahead and start changing out your Boros Reckoners for Elspeth, Sun’s Champion. The closer rotation is, the harder this is to do. Be proactive!
  2. Educate Yourself. Figure out what cards will be powerhouses, no matter what happens. Stormbreath Dragon is a powerful card that doesn’t need anything else to make it good. This means that you will have a card that will be in demand post rotation before we have a Metagame. Your best bets are usually mythics from the third set of a block (Voice of Resurgence *cough)
  3. Get some staples. If you want to maintain and increase the value of your magic cards get some staples. I am not talking about standard staples either, I’m talking Underground Sea, Force of Will, Remand, Tarmogoyf, and any other card that will always see play in modern or legacy. Modern is especially good to get into right now because the season is still a few months away, so prices will keep going up for the next six months. This is what is referred to by financiers at real estate. It might fluctuate, but it will always increase in value in the long run.
  4. Stop buying packs. Buying packs isn’t a bad thing. Buying twelve Dragon’s Maze packs to try to get one Voice of Resurgence is. I know that there is a rush that goes into opening a pack, but at least have a purpose. You can put those packs to use by doing a little drafting. I’m a math guy at heart, so i figured out what buying packs just to buy packs cost you. If you only buy two a week, after a year that is over $400. Four hundred should give you the option to play any deck in standard.
  5. Listen to great sources. Twitter can be a huge resource if you let it. Do yourself a favor and follow a couple finance experts. I’ll give you my list of experts

It also takes some patience. You won’t have power nine by tomorrow unless you win the lottery or someone starts paying five dollars for bulk rares. It may take a year for you to stabilize your collection so you can play what you want. You will also need to exert a certain amount of self-discipline. The only way to get to the point you want to be at is a bit of grinding. So as always

Welcome to The Grind

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