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Why waste money on cards losing value?

Why waste money on cards losing value?

With M15 fresh off the press everyone’s creative side is coming out. There is probably a new deck being designed every fifteen seconds. New cards are more in demand the first week after release than the rest of the time they are in standard. The big problem is cards are usually at their highest price during this week as well. With demand high and supply low how can we reasonably afford to brew? I need twelve cards from M15 to finish my deck, but that is going to cost me 160 bucks. Next week I could get the same cards for $90 but I want to play with them this Friday. How can we play what we want to play without losing $70? The answer is so simple it eluded me for years.

Right now I have a Sliver Hivelord in my possession that retails for like $12. If someone offered me $9 I would sell it right now. The issue is who knows this? Well obviously you do now, but it’s probably too late. So you are stuck paying full price for a Sliver Hivelord while I’m stuck trading it away for less than half value. I think I have a solution for this problem, Facebook. It’s this amazing tool that can be used for more than just letting me know it’s shark week. Couple of quick suggestions on how to use it.

Let people know what you have. Periodically I will post onto my local Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook (if you don’t have one for the area, make one) what I currently am looking to get rid of. I generally get a great response because I am only looking to get buylist out of it anyway. Now instead of Card Kingdom making money because I don’t have anyone else to sell to and the person looking doesn’t know where else to buy from, I get what I want and the other person gets a great deal on a card or two. I wish that more people would do this. My favorite thing to see when I log on Facebook is that Timmy is looking to sell some cards. I have this strange feeling that there are people reading this right now that feel the same. It’s kind of like a local TCGplayer.

If you are feeling spunky you might even post what you are looking to get for them. Number one rule when selling locally is to be reasonable. If you have a Soul of New Phyrexia that retails for eight and you ask for eight, don’t be surprised when you get no response. If I have to pay retail on something I would rather keep my Local Game Store (LGS) in business than to go out of my way to pay retail. If you are willing to sell it at five and I need it, odds are I’ll hit you up, especially if I can get a playset from you at $20 instead of $32. At that point someone can be enticed to meet you at the Taco Bell half a block away from your LGS.

On a side note, if your LGS doesn’t allow you to sell cards in it, don’t. You are able to sell that card because they host a tournament every Friday, so be courteous and meet somewhere else. For all those people hitting me up, no I won’t meet you at BC Comics or Burdette’s, so don’t ask. The Burdette’s and the Huffman’s have asked me not to conduct business at their stores and I choose to respect that.

If you are looking for a card, let people know what you will pay. So you log on Facebook when you get home for the day and check your Buy, Sell, Trade group. Ben needs three Courser of Kruphix for his deck this Friday and he’s willing to pay $40 for them. You just so happen to have three of them that you are willing to part with. You are happy because the LGS only pays 30% cash (which is all they can afford to pay on them so don’t complain) and they are happy because they got them $10 cheaper than they would have by buying them at retail. This could happen every week if people would log on and make it known what they need. Right now I would sell my three Courser of Kruphix for $40 cash, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If you get it out that you are willing to pay cash, you would be surprised at what kind of response that you can get. Let people know what you need, how many you need, and what you are willing to pay. When I see those posts I go out of my way to get those cards.

Whether you are trying to get rid of cards or catch them all, it’s always best to stay connected. If you have your own way of making this happen, leave a comment so that we can all participate. You can always find me on my twitter, facebook, e-mail, or at one of the two LGSs that are in my town.

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