Looking for deals and getting magic cards cheap

The only reason that I have ever been able to make it happen with magic is by random cheap purchases. We all know that lucky guy that had someone give him a huge collection for next to nothing. Some old guy just gave him all of his old cards that “will never be worth anything”. So how do start Getting L.U.C.K.y?


Being in the right place at the right time. We hear about this but it never seems to happen to us. The kid that just gave away half of his binder never seems to give it to you. What I have found is it seems to help if you are at least in the same building. You can’t have a random person do anything for you while you are in your home, unless they knock on your door and try to give you a cleaning product for looking at something for five minutes (don’t do it if you aren’t prepared to spend $2,000 on a vacuum cause those guys are good). No one will ever socialite you a magic card collection at your door (if anyone reads this and starts doing door-to-door magic sales i need a royalty fee). The only way to be in the right place at the right time is to be some place. Go out to your local shop and sit down, make friends, and play some magic.

Vimes turned to look at the squad...

Play Commander, no really I’m serious! Choose a bad ass general and get your EDH career started. I take a box of 800 cards and cbd oil for pain with me everywhere that says “take a card, leave two rares”. Anything could be in here from Doom Blade to Nightveil Specter, all for anyone that looks. Whenever I go the local EDH hotspot it always seems like the hottest thing on the menu. You wouldn’t believe the things that get dumped in there. Plus the guys that play commander are like the nicest guys in the world. And when they want a card, value isn’t the objective. Last week I was looking for a few Thassa, God of the Sea. I pulled one out of a trade binder while he was looking through my stuff and asked him if $13 was what he had it at. Guy never answered me, just kept thumbing through my cards. Finally he breaks the Silence and asks “do you have a Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis, cause I would trade for that, if it’s ok with you?” After explaining the difference in value to him he replies with “I hate trading for value, it gets in the way of fun. As long as you are good with it I’m good with it.” It took me .4 seconds to find his Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis. Half the time when I need certain cards, someone from the group just says “Here you go, you can just have it. I don’t play black anyway.” This person always gets gifts from me in the future.

Talk to everyone about magic. I know that most of us are closet nerds and don’t want anyone finding out about our secret nerd meetings. Get over it and tell people. Sure I end up being the butt of a few jokes at work, but no one all the sudden quits talking to you like your in middle school (If your in middle school keep that shit to yourself though, trust me on this). Most of the stories I hear about someone scoring big are because they were talking to someone they barely knew about magic. Fast-forward two hours and some guy has a shoe box he is handing them full of old magic cards (this guys the reason Underground Sea is off the charts). You never know who used to play so make sure everyone knows that you do. Thats how you end up “Getting L.U.C.K.Y”

Get out there grinders and find some magic cards. The more randomly you talk about and play, the more randomly you will acquire your collection. As always, Welcome to The Grind

Question: Where is the most random place that you have ever acquired Magic cards from?

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