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How do I get the cards I want and play?


As a magic financier trying to churn out a profit, playing what we want becomes difficult. We sacrifice the joys of playing for the benefit of financing. Some really don’t even try to take time to enjoy this game that we all love. When I started out as a financier I actually sold my legacy deck so that I could get started. I won’t say that this is a bad idea for everyone, but it turned out to be a horrible idea for me. So how do you start into #mtgfinance without selling your merfolk? Three principles,

Start slow. There is nothing wrong with not having the ability to buy everything that someone wants to sell you. Set your own pace that you are comfortable with. If you think that acquiring a huge collection takes a while, try doing it without being able to play your favorite deck. Magic becomes less fun without your favorite deck. So don’t try to use it to get an extra few hundred, or thousand for legacy players. It will take a while to get where you want anyway, so take a little extra and have fun.

Be patient. I know that for anyone that gets a thrill out of opening packs of magic cards, patience comes a little slowly. Getting cards flowing the way that you want them too requires more than a little patience. The temptation of selling your deck becomes more attractive the longer you have to wait but hang in there sunshine. If you keep written or typed record of all your purchases and profits it makes it a little easier. There comes a time when you start to feel like you are just treading water. When that happens and yu get the urge to get rid of prized possessions to start the flow again, don’t. Look at your records and you will see that your patience is being rewarded even if it doesn’t show. This makes it just a little easier to hold on to your favorite EDH deck.

Keep grinding. If you stop being active it makes everything slow down. This includes playing! We have all heard the saying that time flys when you are having fun. It applies here! It is very easy to throw in the magic towel if you are not having fun with it. I have recently found that I have a blast throwing down on some commander. I’m not a casual gamer by any means but I recently found a few spikes that are into commander. The other benefit is that commander players have some amazing treasures in their binders. You don’t see any of this unless you are out there grinding some magic. So as always

Welcome To The Grind

Question: What deck(s) have you held onto through your magic career?

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