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Change Decks For FNM This Week

If you are like me FNM means I am playing Old Faithful so I can win my stores prizes again this week. While their is absolutely nothing wrong with winning a few prizes, try something new this week. If you’ve been playing Abzan for Khans standard since day one, see if a Jeskai player will trade you. I know that we want to get as much testing in with our deck as we can but you can learn almost as much about a deck sitting across from it as you can playing it. the things that you learn when you are the one holding the Counterspell are different than when you are waiting on the Counterspell.

Jeskai or Abzan?

What to play this week?

One of my favorite things to do when play-testing with a group is to be the guy running The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is the decks that we are currently expecting to face. It started when I was playing Reanimator Tendrils otherwise known as Tin-Fins in legacy and I had a friend playing U/R Delver. He kicked my ass 75% of the games we played. I got so frustrated we switched decks. Wouldn’t you know, he still won 75% of the games we played. He had been running U/R Delver for so long that he knew exactly how to play it. After playing my deck for a few hours we switched back to our original decks. The funniest thing was that he won more games than he originally had against me. After playing my deck for only 3 hours he knew how to beat it 85% of the time instead of 75%. That extra ten percent came from playing the deck.

You never know you might like that deck even more. I didn’t discover that I was a tempo player at heart until trying it out for the first time. There is something about getting ahead and staying ahead that I am in love with. One of the best ways to do this is to spend the $10.00 at staples and print up the top five or six decks in the format, sleeve up some proxies, and volunteer to run The Gauntlet for someone else. If that person is as  serious as you about taking their game to the next level, they’ll jump at the opportunity. This method also means that you only have to buy cards for a deck once instead of three times to figure out the deck you want to play.


So go ahead, live it up a little. Take a Switcheroo this week and play with your buddy’s deck. You never know, you might just fall in love. At the very least you’ll take your game to the Next Level.